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Phobias on my mind

Phobias have been very much on my mind lately. I seem to have had an influx of clients asking for help to overcome long-standing fears and phobias. Fear of heights, birds or spiders is very common, but I’ve had clients with more unusual phobias too. They often report that their friends and family don’t understand how deep-rooted the fear is, and sometimes cajole or tease in an effort to help.

It doesn’t help, of course, no amount of rational explanation can cut through the panic you feel if you’re confronted with the object of your phobia. It can leave you feeling alienated, particularly when you actively avoid situations where you may be exposed to the cause of your fear. It’s a bit difficult to walk along Sidmouth seafront if you’re afraid of birds, for instance.

So, how can Hypnotherapy help?

The good news is that we don’t need to know how or why your phobia developed. We don’t even explore how bad things are for you. The only thing we need to know is whether this is an isolated issue, or whether you are experiencing a general level of anxiety.

Free yourself from phobias with hypnotherapy