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Wow! What a year!

Wonderful clients


The launch of this fabulous new website back in February was really well received and meant that I had more client enquiries than ever before, so  I’ve been fortunate to be able to help a greater number of clients this year.


As you would expect, the clients have presented with a wide range of issues and it has been a privilege to help them gain the confidence to get on with life following an upset or illness, improve their sporting technique, re-ignite interest in hobbies, find the motivation to manage their weight better, overcome long-standing phobias, improve social skills and more.


 A significant number of those clients have been in the 65+ age range, and it’s especially rewarding to help them overcome long-term issues and get a better enjoyment out of life. Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can continue to change habitual patterns of thought and behaviour throughout our entire adult life (much longer than previously believed), and once my clients understand that, we work together to help them transform their experience of life, regardless of age.


Training and Supervision


I’ve continued to run the 10-month Hypnotherapy Diploma courses in Guildford with my colleague, Sharon Dyke, sometimes travelling (and giggling) up the A303 two weekends a month. Unbelievably we have had three courses graduate to date and are part way through another course.  We meet up with the graduates regularly for supervision and get a real buzz from hearing about all the clients they are helping.


A highlight for the year was when Sharon and I developed and delivered a one-day course ‘All About Sleep’ to fellow Hypnotherapists as part of their ongoing professional development. We really enjoyed researching the topic from all angles, and uncovered some fascinating facts.


We also developed and launched the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Conversion course, a four-month Diploma aimed at training experienced hypnotherapists to use Solution Focused techniques in their practice.


My colleague Nicola Griffiths and I have continued to run courses to help therapists market their practices, and this has taken us as far afield as Bournemouth, Bristol, Cheltenham, Guildford, Manchester and North Wales.


Our ‘Social Media for Therapists’ course that we ran in Cheltenham was another highlight, mainly because we had the course filmed in front of the audience, so we could make a digital download. We managed to avoid giggling too much and it all came together rather splendidly.


Life should be fun!


One of my resolutions for this year was to learn how to overcome technical issues myself rather than outsource to third parties. And to make the time to enjoy the learning process. After all, there’s no excuse, t’internet is full of advice and technical know-how. I’m delighted to say that I have relished researching solutions and putting the new knowledge into practice. I now know how to convert a DVD into a video file, edit video clips together, convert them so they’ll play on PCs, Apple Macs and iphones; and upload them to ‘the cloud’. Great fun!


What will next year bring? That’s anyone’s guess. But I do know it’s going to be fun continuing to learn new skills and helping even more clients, students and therapists.


Happy New Year!