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Happy New Year!

Reflecting on an eventful year

So, things took an unexpected turn in February when I took up the challenge to submit a portfolio of work to gain the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, which is the equivalent level of a foundation degree. The hard work paid off and I was amongst the first hypnotherapists in the country to be awarded the new qualification.

Opportunities to run two more Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy schools presented themselves, and from 2018 I will be running CPHT Guildford and CPHT Southampton with my colleague and friend, Sharon Dyke, and CPHT Manchester with our buddy, Nicola Griffiths. We go back a long way as the three of us were instrumental in setting up the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in 2010. We run each course one weekend a month for 10 months and part of the fun is the nattering, planning, reflecting and giggling we do on the long journeys.

Clearing the decks

Rummaging through the box file of CPD course notes to provide reference material for diploma essays sparked a long overdue period of filing, clearing out, shredding and organising my work space.  As I often explain to my clients, unfinished business sits there saying ‘do me, do me’, and clearing the decks was immensely satisfying. 

As anyone who has carried out a similar purge will know, it enhances mental clarity as well as providing a more pleasant working environment.

Then it was the turn of the garage with many a trip to the recycling centre.

Next up – the loft!

Helping clients

In amongst all of this activity I have, of course, continued to practise Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH).  This year has been as busy as ever at each of the therapy rooms in Axminster, Ottery St Mary and Sidmouth, and I have enjoyed meeting and helping people throughout East Devon and beyond.  Word of mouth recommendations have introduced clients from further afield, as well as closer to home, each with their own unique set of circumstances.

Underlying anxiety is at the core of most of the issues that clients present. Fortunately, with its focus on drawing solutions from the client’s own resources, SFH is highly effective at moving people forward quickly. Even though it is the client who identifies their own solution, it isn’t always obvious when they first arrive for a session.

Using SF questioning techniques we work together, moving the client towards their ‘preferred future’. Although a seemingly simple process, it can sometimes be quite challenging for clients to focus on what needs to happen for things to get better. 

As one lovely client put it, ‘That’s a really, really good question, and I have the feeling it’s important for me to find an answer’.  It was, and she did!

I love the Solution Focused approach and I am really looking forward to helping many more people find their answers during 2018.

Happy New Year!