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Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2019 I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.


Soooo excited to see what the coming year, and of course decade, will bring.  2019 was an eventful year, with the inevitable ups and downs that make life interesting.  It was by far the busiest year ever in my East Devon hypnotherapy practice and here are some of the highlights:


I was lucky enough to be invited to join the team at Orchard Osteopaths in Chard last January, and that quickly became a very busy clinic.  I was also fortunate to find a new therapy room in Ottery St Mary in February at Pure Therapy, when my previous room became unavailable. It’s a lovely, relaxing space and that, too, has been very successful.  The established therapy rooms in Sidmouth and Axminster were busier than ever, too.


I continued to run the 10-month hypnotherapy diploma courses on behalf of CPHT (Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training) in both Guildford and Manchester.  Although, in order to be able to focus on our own practices, my business partners and I have decided to retire from lecturing. We have already handed CPHT Manchester over to two wonderful colleagues, and this will be our last CPHT Guildford course.  We are so pleased that two highly successful and experienced former graduates of ours will be taking the Guildford school forward.  It’s been a fun and fascinating 5 years, and we will miss seeing the students gain in confidence and skill.


In addition to lecturing on the main diploma courses, I was also invited to deliver marketing sessions at CPHT Hampshire and at our professional association’s conference in November.  In September I delivered a course All About Sleep at the Health and Wellbeing Centre in Axminster, and a week later gave a more technical version to qualified hypnotherapists as a CPD course at CPHT Bristol. All mighty enjoyable.


A fantastic co-working space for solo workers opened up in Sidmouth last January, The Lighthouse in Mill Street.  It provides a fab environment for self-employed or home-workers to be in the company of others to prevent them going stir-crazy or withdrawn.  They put on excellent events and masterclasses, and I am so pleased to be a member.  It has been great networking with other business people and sharing knowledge and experience between us.


On the business side, I focused on my online marketing, and have been posting on Facebook and updating my blog regularly.  I really enjoy researching news from the world of hypnotherapy, neuroscience and general well-being, so that I can share the latest findings with clients.


I consider myself fortunate to have a career that enables me to help others, both in the therapy room through regular Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions, and in general through delivering training. It’s so rewarding to see clients make huge changes and ultimately get a better enjoyment of life.  I meet many wonderful people in the therapy room and I am constantly impressed by their determination and resilience.


So, what's in store for us in 2020?  I am a big fan of psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, and often quote his research about luck and opportunities: we make our own luck by being in a good head space, to be able to see opportunities when they present themselves.


As Richard Wiseman’s work shows, life is what we make it. And so much of that is down to how we respond to the events in our lives.  Wishing you all the very best for a fun-filled, eventful and successful 2020, full of opportunities.


Happy New Year!