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Headspace and opportunities

I’ve just glanced back at the blog post I wrote at the beginning of the year.  I finished it by saying:

So, what’s in store for us in 2020?  I am a big fan of Professor Richard Wiseman’s, and often quote his research about luck and opportunities: we make our own luck by being in a good head space, to be able to see opportunities when they present themselves.

As Richard Wiseman’s work shows, life is what we make it. And so much of that is down to how we respond to the events in our lives.  Wishing you all the best for a fun-filled, eventful and successful 2020, full of opportunities.


Well, of course, it’s a little more challenging than usual to be in a good head space right now, but there are steps we can all take to lift our spirits and identify those opportunities.

Here are my current strategies for keeping a clear head:

    1. Limiting exposure to negative reporting in the media, including social media.  Catching up with just enough news to find out what the latest advice is and then switching off, works a treat.  This is soooo important, and many of my clients have said they find this a very useful approach. 

    2. Keeping in touch with friends and family.  It’s great that we live in an age where technology enables us to see one another as well as simply phoning.  During the last month my much older sister up has got to grips with second-hand smart phone and access to WhatsApp, the neighbours and family members have set up groups on WhatsApp to share funny stories, mind-bending quizzes and general fun stuff, and we’ve introduced the mum-in-law to Zoom.  Awesome stuff.
    3. Getting things done.  When the lockdown started, I joked with clients that the nation will have the tidiest gardens and garages ever. Sure enough, that’s happening.  I’ve even cleared out all my email accounts and the home ‘office’ is the tidiest it’s been in years.  Mighty satisfying.  How about you?

All of these activities have helped to keep me in a good head space (for most of the time, anyway).

So what about those opportunities I was so optimistic about?  Well, they are still there, of course.

    1. Many employers have switched their staff to online working and finding that it’s going surprisingly well.  I saw yesterday that even Barclays is questioning the need to occupy huge office blocks in the future.  That means less commuting and less pollution. And more time at home for the workers, as they are not having to travel. Wow!

    2. For anyone with more time on their hands, it’s an opportunity to do those projects they have been putting off for years.  Sorting through your photo collection, or taking cuttings of your favourite plants.  Personally, I have taken the plunge and ordered some fabric to make a dress.  Been meaning to do that for yonks. 

    3. It could even be an opportunity to start a new business venture, if that’s been on your wish list.  There’s plenty of time to do research online and prepare the groundwork for a launch post-lockdown, or even during lockdown.

    4. Maybe you want to learn a new skill.  The internet is awash with Youtube videos and online courses, about everything from learning a new language to growing Bonzai trees.  Now is a great time to exercise your brain cells.  In fact, learning a new skill has been proven to delay the onset of some degenerative brain diseases.

    5. This is a great opportunity to take time out for rest, relaxation and valuable reflection.  Allowing yourself time to smell the flowers and listen to the birds.  Maybe even do some meditation.  Thinking about what’s really important in life and planning what steps you can take to create your ideal life.

However you are adapting to the current situation, remember that it’s OK to be not OK, and it’s OK to be OK.  Most of us are swinging between the two, and that’s OK too.