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Solutions not problems

One of the surprising aspects of Solution Focused work is that we rarely talk with clients about the nature of their problem. 


We obviously discuss why they’ve sought help at the initial consultation, but even then, we don’t encourage them to go into too much detail.  We are much more interested in what they hope to gain by having hypnotherapy.


Clients seek help for a wide range of issues like lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, overthinking or lack of sleep. 


They might even have anxiety related physical symptoms, such as irritable bowels, migraines, skin complaints or high blood pressure.


Some seek help because they have a behaviour they want to change, like skin picking or hair pulling.


Once clients understand how the brain works, they can see that these issues are not the cause of the problem.  They are the symptoms of a brain that sees the world as a dangerous place.  The original, primitive area of the brain then does what it does best.  It protects us from the crisis by ramping up the fight-flight response.  It floods our systems with stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.


It fires up systems that will get us away from the danger, so we get high blood pressure.  It diverts energy away from systems not immediately needed for our survival, so we get irritable bowels.  And we’re unlikely to sleep well.


One of the main principles of Solution Focused work is that the solution is not necessarily directly related to the problem.


So, rather than focus on why people are not sleeping, we instead help them cope better with the stresses in their lives.  When they cope better, the level of their stress hormones reduces.  With fewer stress hormones they sleep better, their blood pressure reduces, their tummy becomes more settled, they are more confident, they don’t pick their skin…


And the thought of not having to analyse the cause of their problems is one of the reasons some clients are attracted to the Solution Focused approach.


It’s counter-intuitive, but it works.