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Happy New Year!

Congratulations!  We made it to the end of 2020.  Yay!!!


As I prepared to write this post, I looked back at this time last year. This is how I finished my New Year post:



So, what’s in store for us in 2020?  I am a big fan of Professor Richard Wiseman’s, and often quote his research about luck and opportunities: we make our own luck by being in a good head space, to be able to see opportunities when they present themselves.

As Richard Wiseman’s work shows, life is what we make it. And so much of that is down to how we respond to the events in our lives. 



Well now, we were certainly challenged by the events of 2020!  And of course, one of the main challenges was maintaining that good head space.


I and my colleagues are fortunate to have been trained in Solution Focused techniques that have helped us enormously throughout the year.  That’s not to say we’ve been immune from anxiety, but as one of my best hypno buddies pointed out at the beginning of all this: ‘If your fight-flight system is not firing right now, there’s something wrong with it!’


We have been able to support one another online to keep our own mental wellbeing in a good place.  That’s meant we can truly ‘be there’ for our clients.


Despite the challenges, here are some of the highlights on the Hypnotherapy front:


As planned, my colleague and I retired from lecturing in Guildford on behalf of CPHT (Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training) in August. The training switched to online for 4 months, which worked amazingly well, and our students adapted very quickly to seeing their volunteer clients via Zoom.  CPHT Guildford has now become CPHT Surrey and is going from strength to strength with one of our former graduates at the helm.  Although I am no longer running the main Diploma course, I am still delivering the marketing module to a few of the CPHT schools across the country.


Thanks to the fabulous guidance from our Professional Associations and Insurers, we were able to continue practising during lockdown by running sessions online or by telephone.  We were luckier than ‘hands-on’ therapists, like massage therapists and reflexologists, and we’re mighty grateful for that.  Online is still the safest way to deliver sessions, but again, thanks to the support of various organisations, we were able to devise Covid-related measures to keep face-to-face clients as safe as possible once lockdown ended.


The Lighthouse co-working space in Mill Street in Sidmouth continued to shine, despite lockdown, by switching their Masterclass events to online sessions. The courses were really useful, both from a business point of view, but also because it enabled us to connect with others during lockdown.  It even opened up the sessions to people from far flung places across the globe.  Awesome!


What with retiring from lecturing, and with a smaller number of clients during lockdown, there has been plenty of time for reading, attending online courses, watching TED talks and delving deeper into the world of Neuroscience.  One of the surprises was discovering that the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism underpins much of the work we therapists do today.  Fascinating stuff!


On the home front, we have been extremely fortunate that friends and family have stayed safe and well.  The garden looks the best it’s ever been and t’office (spare bedroom) has benefitted from much decluttering.  I even resurrected (and used) the sewing machine!


As we head in to 2021, let’s leave 2020 behind and look forward with optimism and a determination to deal with whatever life throws at us.


We know there are a few challenging months ahead, but we can be confident that we will adapt to the evolving situation.  We always do.


We can also be reassured that, one day, life will settle down.  


In the meantime, stay safe.


Here’s to a brighter 2021!