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Why self-care is so important

Thinking back to our primitive ancestors, sitting around doing nothing was not good for the species. Life was really hard and you had to pull your weight for the good of the tribe. 


So, nature gave us a reward when we did things that benefitted the species. We got a reward if we hunted and gathered, collected fuel for the fire, made tools, turned animal hides into clothes, and all the other things needed to keep things ticking along.  And that reward made us feel good, it motivated us to do more.  We wanted to get the reward, so we did whatever we had to, to get the buzz.


These days, life is obviously a whole lot easier, but we are still hard-wired to get a buzz when we get things done. Taking positive action to tick things off our to-do list gives us that buzz. It’s the reason we feel good when we complete a task or a project.


Now, for some people, they’ve packed their lives with so many commitments that they are forever getting things done. In fact they ‘do’ from morning to night without a break.  And that’s not good for us.  Even our primitive ancestors would have had downtime, sitting around the fire in the evening, sharing stories and resting.  Being on the go all day long is not healthy. 


So, if you’re the kind of person who never stops, for you ‘taking action’ will mean taking time out for you.  Taking action to recharge your batteries even if that ‘action’ means resting.  Know that it’s OK to take time out for you.  In fact, it’s essential that you do. It’s so easy to fill our lives with obligations and things we feel we have to do. 


But doing things you enjoy is a great, natural way to relieve stress.  If you’re feeling a bit down, just do something that gives you pleasure, like going for a walk, catching up with a friend or reading a good book.


Start paying attention to the things you like and the things you want to do.  And make a commitment to do them.  You’ll get a real boost of feelgood chemicals.